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BHI/Soar Student Pilot Class Action

This registration form is for Group Members of the BHI/Soar Student Pilot Class Action who wish to register their interest to become clients of Gordon Legal. It is NOT necessary for you to become a client of Gordon Legal, but you are welcome to do so for people who have received any correspondence from Gordon Legal enclosing either a "Class Action Summary Statement" and "Opt Out Notice" regarding the Box Hill Institute (BHI) Student Pilot Class Action and wish to receive further information or register their interest with us.

Please complete the below form if you wish to provide us with additional details and register your interest to become a client of Gordon Legal. If you register, we will send you a Disclosure Statement and Conditional Legal Costs Agreement for you to review as well as some important information about the way that Gordon Legal will work with you, if you decide to retain us to act on your behalf.

If you register with Gordon Legal your information will remain confidential and will not be used without your written consent for any purpose other than to contact you about the class action. By registering with Gordon Legal you will not incur any legal costs unless the Court orders that you contribute to legal costs, which it may do whether or not you register with Gordon Legal.

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